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1. Where User is an organization, the employee, agent or representative of User who accesses the Services has the legal capacity and right to enter into this Agreement on behalf of User and to agree, in the name of User, to use the Services in accordance with all the general terms and conditions of this Agreement as set forth herein;

2. All information supplied by User in relation to this Agreement and through the Website shall be true and accurate, to the best of User's knowledge and User shall update that information as soon as possible after any such information changes;

3. If User downloads any publications or other documents (including Purchase Orders) from the Website, User shall in no manner modify, amend, or otherwise alter the content of any such document. Further, User shall not make copies of, or distribute, any downloaded document, except for User's internal business purposes;

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5. User shall not use the Services to access or make use of any ANYARC software.

6. User shall be responsible for any costs and expenses associated with its use of the Services.

7. if a customer or a supplier, User shall be responsible for visiting the Website regularly in order to receive updates to Customer Service Bulletins, Spare Parts Bulletins, Service Information Letters and any other technical publications that may be available on the Website, and to which customer or supplier has subscribed. The foregoing responsibility shall apply only if customer or supplier has elected to receive any such publications via Website only.